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know your best make-up colours…

Are you unsure which colours in make-up suits you best? Are you second-guessing which shades to buy?? 🍒🍑🫐

Do you know that there are WARM tones in make-up and COOL tones? And that your skin either has a WARM or a COOL undertone? Knowing your Colour Flow will help you know exactly what colours and shades in make-up looks best on you and suits YOUR skin tone the best 💄

Each Colour Flow is so unique! There are 12 different Colour Flow and YOU’RE one of them 🌈

All make-up products in the reel are from “The Salt Atelier” – the link will be in my Story Highlights (under “Salt” highlight).

Take the overwhelm out of make-up shopping. Know YOUR colours 🌈

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