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it’s in the details…

Before my lunch meeting with owner and founder of @iwantbytrendity @madeleencurnick – who has become a dear friend of mine now too (I feel so privileged!) – at @rosebankmall last week, I didn’t even know what a “D-link” was …the little buckle on the pic on my shoulders completing the overall look of this insanely gorgeous jumpsuit!! Oh my goodness, how beautiful?!?! And this little link is functional too (you can adjust it to suit your body shape).

Try something new: try to stay away from “plain Jane” and seek out clothing that have those details in them. A buckle, a gorgeous print, a beeeeeeautiful punchy colour, asymmetric neckline, sequence, something silk (for daywear, yes!) or frills.

Remember, embrace your own unique style and stand out from the crowd.

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