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don’t conceal your “flaws”, dress to draw attention to the right places…

Did you know?…

…so many women dress to conceal what they perceive to be their flaws & what they should be doing is dressing to draw attention to your face…the place others look when they are speaking to you. Then no one will notice those other parts that perhaps bother you.

How do we do this?

With Colour 
Colours that flatter you will draw attention to your face. They will not drain you of life or take all the attention away from your face. The right colours will make you look vibrant & alive.

With Accessories
Accessories are brilliant for creating focal points which attract attention. Jewellery that sparkles, colour, patterns & details all draw attention.

With Detail 
Not an accessory person? Then how about looking for built-in detail & accessories around the neckline & shoulders of your garments. Or even an interesting pattern in your blouse.

Wear the right colours 
I can’t emphasize this enough! Discover the colours that suit you. A Colour Analysis is part of my first Consultation – it will really help you discover what does & doesn’t flatter your complexion – and you’ll save lots of money as you stop buying the wrong colours. The right colours wil draw attention to your face, the wrong to your body.

Do the “blink test”
Before you leave the house do a quick “blink test”. Stand in front of your mirror, close your eyes, open them quickly & if you see one focal point, you’re good to go. If you see more than one, maybe tone your outfit down a bit. If you don’t see one, get creative.

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